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Love Charms USA
165 Westwood Shopping Center Fayetteville NC 28314 US

$200 Rental Fee- To be paid at the time of booking to reserve your date and time on our schedule - dates on the calendar can be reserved 60 days in advance.
  • Rental is for 2  1/2 hours (the store is closed during your party)
  • This is a non-refundable fee.
  • If you cancel within 10 business days of your party, then your deposit can be moved to another AVAILABLE date on the calendar. This can only be done 1 time.

Rental Fee Includes
  • Chairs and tables set up for your guests with basic black cloth table covers. 
  • One table for 10 guests in the lobby with stools/ottomans. Additional Seats Can Be Requested for Parents/Photographer etc.
  • Long counter with sink is for food, cake and drinks you choose to bring.
  • Love Charms USA will clean up after the party.

Note: You can decorate ahead of time (30 minutes before) if you have a theme and we can assist you with set up. You can bring a CD for music, a movie for the TV and you can drop off food and drinks ahead of time as well.

The Jewelry Building packages are in addition to the $200 rental fee. 

                                            (EXAMPLE: $200 Rental Fee + 8 Child’s Beaded Bracelet Designing Packages= $280+tax)

No limit, everyone can choose something different and choose multiple items



BEADED BRACELET- $10 + tax per child’s bracelet

  • Each Child will receive 1 adjustable snake chain bracelet
  • They will create their own bracelet full of beads from the Children’s section

BEADED NECKLACE - $5 + tax per child’s necklace 
  • Each Child will choose their ribbon necklace or Dog Tag Chain; pick out 3 charms and 10 beads from the child’s section.

FROZEN NECKLACE- $10 + tax per Frozen necklace

  • Child will choose their Frozen Rhinestone Pendant, ribbon necklace or dog tag chain and 10 beads from the child’s section.

CHILD LOCKET DESIGNING $10 + tax per child’s locket 

  • We have basic painted and plated Children’s lockets available on corded or organza ribbon necklaces and we will include 10 plastic beads for the necklace (5 on each side) and 1 complimentary locket charm per locket.
  • Additional locket charms can be purchased at 50% off


  • Choose any snap accessory and then choose any 3 snaps.
  • Additional Snaps can be purchased at 50% off when choosing this package.


  • Choose any slide jewelry accessory with 7 slides of their choice.
  • Additional slides can be purchased at 50% off when choosing this package.
  • Exchange 2 slides for a Snap - EXCLUDES STAINLESS BRACELET


  • Choose any fashion locket and fashion chain
  • Choose 3 locket charms
  • Additional locket charms can be purchased at 50% off when choosing this package.


  • 1 European Charm Bracelet - Colored leatherette or Silver Plated  Bracelet
  • 1 Silver plated bead stopper
  • Design away because ALL loose European Beads and Charms in the store are 50%

INCLUDED WITH EACH PARTY: European beads, charms and accessories will be 50% OFF during the party.  

INCLUDED WITH EACH PARTY: 20% OFF any in stock items purchased during your party.

Addendum : Any merchandise broken during your event will be the responsibility of the renter. 

Phone:        +1.9108089474